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Wednesday, March 28

Murmur - Lingerie Inspired Outerwear

images via Murmur.  Graphics in first image by Faire Frou Frou.

It seems as though more and more designers are making lingerie-as-outerwear easier for the average gal to accomplish.  However, some designers, such as Murmur are doing things the other way around; creating outerwear that is lingerie-inspired.  Granted, most of what we are featuring in this post is more lingerie-specific, but you can see the layering potential.  Designer Andreea Badala developed her label as a response to her belief that lingerie should not simply be limited to "under" should be "outer" wear. 
It appears that most of these pieces are made-to-order, and the designer can be reached for orders here.

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5 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

Such a great collection! Murmur is also available on

PS: I love Faire Frou Frou!

Treacle said...

You always find the best things!

siryoz0 said...

Information is a friend we should be aware of to make sure that all is in the right place and to lessen doubts and difficulties.

Ahh Bra difference

Jessica Williams said...

Although the concept of adopting lingerie as outerwear is not new, I would agree that implementation shown here is absolutely astounding! I also agree with the argument - "..lingerie should not simply be limited to "under" should be "outer" wear." Thanks for sharing this post.

Fancy Dress said...

This is certainly an interesting concept. I can see it taking off. I'm a definate believer that lingerie should not be only worn as underwear, so I find this idea fascinating.