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Friday, April 6

Faire Frou Frou on Pinterest!

images via here.  1. surfers via  2. Zinke lingerie via 3.  ikat herringbone via  4.  Paris graphic via 5.  Marlies Dekkers lingerie via  6. Joanna Goss chevron watercolor via

We feel as though we have been neglecting our blog these days, cheating if you will, with the feast for the eyes that is Pinterest.  It seems as though Pinterest is the place to be, and rightly so, as we have been cultivating our own little garden of inspiration there for a few months. Apparently we are not the only ones taken by the charms of Pinterest, as it seems like there's been a recent explosion of interest in the site.  It is a nice alternative to the somewhat tired format of traditional blogging, and a great place for those of you looking for a quick-fix dose of eye-candy. 
Anyhow, for those of you looking for us on a daily basis, you should follow us on Pinterest and see the lingerie that inspires us, the goodies we covet, and so much more.  Also, you should know that we make a daily post on our Faire Frou Frou Facebook page.  And last, but not least, we have our Tumblr blog which also gets at least one post per day.  So many places to find us online, all of which (we hope) lead you to enjoy our darling lingerie boutique, Faire Frou Frou

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5 fabulous comments:

Panty Buns said...

How pretty! I love the colours and wonderfully feminine designs of the Zinke lingerie and love the gorgeous lacy yellow lingerie with periwinkle bows shown beneath your profile icon (upper left) even more! It's gorgeous!

Bombshell Creative said...

Yayyy! :) We just started following your boards! Looking forward to all of the pretties you'll be pinning! :)

Bellefleur Lingerie Boutique said...

Great photos! Love your blog!


Abby Silk Knickers said...

Glad to see you on board the Pinterest train! I shall definitely be following your pins & soaking up the inspiration!

Top Fashion said...

Nice blog on Fashion Lingerie I like the whole story