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Thursday, May 5

Sugar or Spice? Our Utterly Engaged Feature

images via Utterly Engaged, issue #15

We were flattered to have been asked by the ladies of Utterly Engaged to contribute to their latest issue (with the theme Sugar and Spice).  Our assignment was to design a honeymoon evening around two types of brides; the sugary/sweet girl and the spicy/more risque girl.  We built our 2 honeymoon experiences around lingerie from our shop; the sweet girl wearing a Zinke 'Party at the Raleigh' romper and the Spice wearing the very popular Lascivious 'Midori' bodysuit.  Once the lingerie was established, it was pretty easy to fill in the blanks from there and select drinks, music, make-up & more to compliment each look.  Check out our feature on pages 190-193 for all of the details (and links for where to purchase)!  
As a side note, our shop is also shown on page 241 with a segment on the ladies from Sitting in a Tree.  They styled our boutique for a photo shoot with Rue Magazine that was done a couple of months ago.  A double dose of Faire Frou Frou!

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