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Sunday, May 22

Lingerie? Outerwear? Does it Matter?

images via Andrew Woffinden

Isn't this the prettiest crossover of lingerie as outerwear?  The line that divides the two is almost nonexistent here as one blends seamlessly into the other.  With the right essentials (hello beautiful leopard purse in that last pic) and a little creativity the most stunning looks can be created.  Granted, we're not necessarily going out of our house in most of these outfits, but they do provide a great foundation that you can build upon (for instance a pair of pants might be nice).  We love the use of bodysuits, leggings and high-waist panties; all of which are key trends in the lingerie industry this past year! 

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3 fabulous comments:

Rae-Emily Smith said...

Loving the sheer dress over the lingerie!


The Dainty Dolls House said...

I'd wear all of these, they do brilliantly to cross over and become outer wear!! Gives a illusion and dreaminess!! Love the material used in each one too!! Hope you have a great week ladies xxx

Tiffany Kadani said...

And this season I am completely in love with lace. I could wear it everyday- so pretty and feminine.