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Tuesday, February 13

Vannina Vesperini - she's back!

We couldn't have been happier when we received the news that Vannina Vesperini was back in business...and she's just as wonderful as ever! We met with Vannina and her assistant Sabrina in a gorgeous apartment/studio in Paris not too far from the Champs-Elysees, which made our travels well worth it! We had a stunning model (who kind of looked like the designer) present the collection to us, while all of us sat back on plush suede sofas and sipped warm tea served in antique cups and nibbled on pound cake...
Though we have promised to keep the details of her new collection confidential, we can share that the new pieces are high-fashion luxury, with a variety of robes and gowns that are to die for! The collection will arrive at our boutique in July, and we can't wait.
Vannina has chosen to keep her distribution to a select few boutiques around the world, so we are proud to be in the mix.
We did notice that some of the pieces are inspired by some of Vannina's more 'classic' styles from her previous designs, but with new colors and patterns. Typically we tend to shy away from purchasing items with prints/patterns, but her choices were subtle and sweet, and are sure to wow our customers. What's new to her designs are her removable logo pearl-encrusted brooches that make great accessories for some of her gowns.
Welcome back Vannina!
(NOTE: photo shown is from an older collection).

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