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Tuesday, February 13

It's a Hit! The Mimi Holliday Spring collection...

We knew it was cute, adorable, etc. but we were shocked when the new Mimi Holliday collection pretty much sold out within just days of arrival in our boutique. What's even more interesting is that the new Leopard print collection (shown) hasn't even gone out on our shelves, and has sold while being spied sitting behind our store counter!
In any event, we realize it's hard to resist the adorable bow-tie panties, and the sweet lace-trimmed bras. In fact, Mimi Holliday has mass appeal in part due to its bra size range - from 30AA to 38E. Other than designers Fleur T and Myla, it's been a challenge for us to find a brand that has a great bra size range, but that's also stunning to look at (and not too 'old lady' as we call it).
The good news is that we have a re-order on its way in to us, so that the rest of our customers can share in the excitement of this fun new group.
For those of you who don't know, Mimi Holliday is a difusion collection designed by famed designer "Damaris" - who is known for having invented the back-bow knicker. And let's face it, most women go crazy for a cute little bow the way Damaris does it! Check out one of her signature styles in the picture shown (from her Fall 2006 collection).
We were fortunate to meet with the lovely Damaris while in Paris and we are pleased to announce that we are picking up most styles from both the "Mimi Holliday" and "Damaris" groups! I can't share the pictures of the new styles just yet (and it kills me), but they are sensational!!! We can't wait to share them with you! Keep posted...

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