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Friday, December 14

Olivia von Halle - Silk Pajamas now at Faire Frou Frou!

Images via Olivia von Halle

After looking at these images you get the feeling that Olivia von Halle pajamas are the most fun PJs around!  And they are!  They are also incredibly luxurious, comfortable and oh-so-flattering.  We have been coveting these luxury men's style pajamas for a while, and we are thrilled to share that they are finally available at Faire Frou Frou
Olivia von Halle is a British luxury nightwear brand focusing on beautifully cut silk pajamas in stunning prints.  You have the option of the chic slouchy PJ pant or the silky smooth shorts that pair with the over-sized men's shirt.  The solid-colored sets (known as Coco) have a lovely tailored look with white piping as they are inspired by Coco Chanel wearing her lover's silk pajamas in the 1920s.  This androgynous style has an inimitable cut to keep the look tailored and feminine.  
There's something to be said for loungewear that makes you feel ritzy and posh as Olivia von Halle's designs do.  See for yourself what we're talking about...shop a pair (or two) for yourself here.
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4 fabulous comments:


Makes me not even go out of my PJs today.

Best, Eva Ana Kazic
Executive director of ALLAROUNDEVE

lingeri said...

We are so far from a tenue de soubrette ! This kind of lingerie is pretty and very shy. But confortable and pretty.


They look nice and comfy. I love the cobalt style!

FridayImInLove said...

great idea to deliver the concept so naturally as in first photos.. they look so pretty!