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Wednesday, February 29

Bristols Six - Nippies Gold Reusable Adhesive Pasties!

Bristols Six "Nippies Gold" nipple concealers

For years we have sold pasties at our boutique, and for years we have had customers ask how you put them on...and now there's a simple answer: Bristols Six Nippies Gold!  Nippies Gold are adhesive, reusable pasties that apply within seconds; all you do is take them out of their cute little storage box and pop them on your breasts!  No more glue, no more double-sided tape (unless you've worn them over 20-30 times and they need a little adhesive boost).   Easy application aside, these pasties are dazzling, glamorous, and show-stopping.  Who doesn't enjoy a little tassel twirl every now and then?  Each style is named after an icon in the burlesque/pin-up world: Dita (von Teese), Blaze (Starr), Marilyn (Monroe), Gypsy Rose (Lee), and Josephine (Baker).  There's even the cute pink powder puff style called Candy!  If you've never worn pasties before, a good way to start is by pairing them with a 1/4-cup bra, an open-cup bra or even some bustiers (Dita von Teese makes an amazing example of how it should look)....or you can simply wear on their own!   
These pasties range in price from $26-$35, and can be purchased here.

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Caroline Mason said...

i was watching some like it hot with marilyn tonight! They remind me of her dress with the sheet netting she was wearing

Mr kane said...

Thank you so much for the comment on my blog!
following you!

JK ||

Natalie Koltunovskaya said...

These things are very sexy))

Sexy Lingerie said...

Beautiful lace, and very sexy!

Slimming Undergarment said...

I like your post.