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Wednesday, July 6

We See Pretty Underpants...

images via Givenchy & Style.com 

If the Givenchy Couture Fall 2011 fashion show is any indication of what the future of fashion holds (fyi it IS), then it's good news for those of us who love the lingerie as outerwear look!  We thought the whole high-waisted panty layered until a sheer skirt/dress was possibly on its way out, but not so fast!  It looks like we have another season of this lingerie-friendly look, which typically features a high-waist panty (we suppose it would look disastrous with a thong!).  It's been a few years since we first spotted this style on the runway, and it warms our hearts to see it once more.  It's also good because we will be buying for Faire Frou Frou Spring 2012 in just a couple of weeks, and it gives us an idea of what you lovely ladies (& gents) will be wanting!  

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10 fabulous comments:

Miss Narcissus said...

I love love love this look. really looking forward to seeing more high waisted knickers in Faire Frou Frou next season. x

Unknown said...

ooh love the pics



Panty Buns said...

What fabulous news! I'm in love with high waisted panties and have been delighted with underwear as outerwear phenomenon. This look of full cut briefs under sheer feminine fabrics makes me swoon. The fashions worn in the Givenchy Couture Fall 2011 collections look heavenly. Thank you for bearing the good news - I'm looking forward to seeing more in the future :-)

X said...

This collection is so beautiful!

YourFashion said...

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classiq said...

Oh, great collection! The detailing is amazing! :)

Cafe Groenhout said...

LOVE this look! It's just beginning to hit stores on Okinawa (Japan), but the girls here love long skirts and short shorts - perfect combo!

Anonymous said...

Givenchy's collection is such a perfection. I love that idea of maxi skirts and transperant fabrics is just brilliant.

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Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

This was another gorgeous Haute Couture Givenchy collection indeed. I can't wait to see what you are going to feature in your shop in a few months time, ladies.

Also I wanted to ask you a favour: we've been following each other since 2009, but I've noticed that you are still following my old blog, FashionTitbits, and not the new one (well, it's 6 months old now), so I was hoping that you'd be kind enough to un-follow the FashionTitbits and follow FashionedbyLove instead. I'd be so happy to see you joining my new baby blog and for your support, girls.

Always yours,

Fashion Sky said...

Its so glory and fresh! A really beautiful look. I really looking forward to seeing more high waisted knickers in Faire Frou Frou next season. x