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Wednesday, July 20

Intimates Sessions with Feather Love Photography

photos by Feather Love Photography, lingerie by Unforeseen Circumstances, featuring Anne Sage co-founder of Rue Magazine
There is boudoir photography, and then there's the modern offshoot of it that Feather Love Photography has aptly named Intimates Sesssions.  It's for the gal who wants a sexy portrait, and preferably in lingerie, but doesn't necessarily want to pose with a long-stemmed red rose, thigh high stockings and a strand of pearls (not that there's anything wrong with that).  As you can see from these photos of Rue Magazine co-founder Anne Sage, her photos (as shot by Noa Azoulay-Sclater of Feather Love) are earthy, playful, relaxed and quite frankly a new take on the concept of the boudoir photo.  As described by Anne Sage, "it is an artistic and editorial evolution of the traditional boudoir shoot, it's an experience that is at once reflective and introspective, yet at the same time empowering, invigorating, and a hell of a lot of fun." Of course it doesn't hurt that Anne is modeling perhaps the perfect lingerie for such a shoot, which was designed by Teo Griscom of NYC undergarment label Unforeseen Circumstances

We are pleased to share that if you enjoy what you see here, you may have an opportunity to work with Noa of Feather Love Photography and Teo of Unforeseen Circumstances!  

Teo and Noa will be traveling in Europe for the months of September and October--they'll be in London, Brussels, Greece and all over Italy and France--and they're offering their styling and photography services for Intimates Sessions while they're abroad. Of course they're also available here in the States at any time too (Feather Love Photography is based in San Diego, CA)! 
For more information, and for their specific travel dates, contact

We seriously want to work with these talented ladies!  Who knows, maybe if we do work with them you will see our own Intimates Session featured here!  

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5 fabulous comments:

Unknown said...

I love everything about this! Anne looks absolutely amazing! My favorite is the 2nd pic from the bottom- boot in the air! I want an Intimate Session too!

Teaka said...

What an awesome look! Love it!

Miss B. said...

It's about time someone re-invented this category! Anne looks fab (love the 6th one) and Noa is obviously a huge talent/creative.

The Pocket Stylist said...

Anne rocked it! Love her outfit and the photography is stunning.

DENISE. said...

What fun!