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Monday, February 21

Mila Kunis for W Magazine

Mila Kunis for W Magazine, photo by Craig McDean

Mila Kunis on the cover of the March 2011 issue of W Magazine is relevant to our blog for two reasons:  A gorgeous Eres bra graces the cover of the issue (yay lingerie!) and her Chanel robe/coat with the feather collar and sleeves is quite reminiscent of the famous ostrich feather burlesque robes sold on our website!   It's one of those photos you can easily recreate with a quick visit to  Finding lingerie on the cover of a magazine this year is much harder to find than it was one year ago, so we're tickled to see this!

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5 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

So funny for 2 reasons! First, just back in town and discovered W arrived in the mail while I was gone...on the top of the stack for later tonight.

Second, I have really, really admired those robes on your website. This might be that little nudge I need.

Love gorgeous lingerie...and you have the best!
xoxo elizabeth

A BRIT GREEK said...

she is so totally smokin'!

Thanks for sharing!

daniela kate morosini said...

mila looks stunning! great post :) xx

allyn said...

thanks for sharing gorgeous