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Sunday, February 27

Carine Gilson - Spring 2011 Collection

A favorite look from the new season!
This look is also our favorite

Okay, another favorite...

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images courtesy of Carine Gilson

We hope you are excited as we are to see the new Spring 2011 Carine Gilson collection!  Just when you think you have seen her best work, she blows us away with a fresh interpretation of her luxury intimates.  For instance, this season we see the addition of new shapes such as the satin romper and jumpsuit.  There's also the new flirty silk half slips (one of which looks like it can tied so that it can be worn as a wrap around the shoulders or around the waist). We have a feeling many of you will love the 1940s-inspired emerald green robe, which is certain to help you channel your inner Rita Hayworth (or Veronica Lake, who Carine has said is an inspiration of hers)!
We have posted 20 of our favorite looks here, but you can see the entire collection (all 48 images) on Carine Gilson's website.  We recently saw a limited number of styles from this season while shopping at Barney's (the Madison Ave. location), but unfortunately didn't see any of the more interesting loungewear pieces shown here (same case on Net-a-Porter).
For any of you traveling to Abu Dhabi or Moscow in March & April, Carine is hosting a trunk show with her new goodies!  Also, for those of you who don't quite have a Carine Gilson budget (= loads of money), she does offer a diffusion label called RITUEL (which simply translates to 'ritual').  Carine has done a diffusion line in the past (we recall seeing one about 3-4 years ago in Paris) but tends to be a bit more on the down-low about those collections.  In fact, she will not let stores carry both her diffusion line and couture line at the same time so as not to confuse customers about her branding.  The RITUEL line is pretty much a collection of Carine's basics (we recently saw their Fall 2011 catalog) and may be best-suited for the person who simply wants to wear a Carine Gilson label without the usual Carine Gilson price!

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Francine Gardner said...

stunning collection, very Hollywood glamour

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Aww these are all favorites!!! So pretty!!

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Unknown said...

I love lingerie, but this collection has me in a tizzy, I love it so much!

xo elizabeth

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Love that peachy nude wrap dress especially! Wishing you a happy Monday!

xo Mary Jo

Unknown said...

What fun! Just discovered your fab site through Things that Sparkle!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Yes, as soon as my baby is born and all is fine, I am treating myself to some beautiful lingerie like this!! xoxo