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Thursday, June 17

A Naughty Fairytale

Bordelle chemise, Agent Provocateur bra

Slips by Bordelle, bra, panty & robe Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur lingerie & robe, stockings by DIM

Bordelle lingerie
images via VS Magazine, photographer Ellen von Unwerth

Leave it to Ellen von Unwerth to feature lingerie in a playful yet risque way for VS Magazine. In her signature style, von Unwerth creates a Naughty Fairytale featuring coquettish girls having fun in very suggestive intimates. You can see the entire uncensored spread in the most recent issue of VS Magazine (we had to do a bit of light censoring as you can see).
We love that the models are wearing Bordelle, a UK lingerie brand coming to Faire Frou Frou this Fall! We're surprised there's no Fifi Chachnil in any of the shots...that's usually a von Unwerth staple.
Check out the frothy little video that accompanies this photo shoot...lots of Marie Antoinette-inspired eye candy!

On a completely separate note, have you visited the new Faire Frou Frou online store yet? Check out the site to see our new look!

16 fabulous comments:

ashlina {the decorista} said...

oooh. love love love it. xoxo

Splenderosa said...

This is fun and it's also beautiful.

Exquisite Accessories said...

Love Agent Provocateur my husband brought me a set quite a few years ago, the quality is so worth the price ta,g it has been worn many times & has shown no sign off wearing, my body has been the one to out grow it!!

Engra said...

wow!! EROTIC...

Melissa Blake said...

love, love, love!!! xoxo

Addict said...

Gorgeous lingerie! Especially love the 2nd and 3rd pictures. The girls look like they're having way too much fun!!


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

This first picture.... There's an EXTREMELY similar painting at the Louvre in Paris :)) I'm not even kidding - it is there and it is better than Mona Lisa!! lol

Couture Carrie said...

Oh I just adore Bordelle!
Gorgeous photos!


Beatnheart said...

Wow saw the video. holy cow...phew...

COCOCOZY said...

Very cool site. My first visit. Also, love the Frou Frou store! Will be finding something delightful to buy soon!


Velvet Moon said...

this is an amazing blog, i love all of the images you have on here, especially the Bordelle lingerie.

I'm now following you, could you follow back?

Gina Marie Vintage


Chicago Chic said...

I truly love this...so beautiful and inspiring....and sexy!


Anonymous said...

love it~! quite angelic- and sexy at the same time!
love your blog, ive been lurking around for a while now, hehe. I have a question for you guys, I just started working in a lingerie department for a large upscale department store, and I wanted to know how do you sell lingerie. How do you accommodate your customers? Other than your amazing merchandise is there anything else that you do to make the transaction a great experience? thanks!

Sarah Klassen said...

These photos are fantastic! Both photographer + stylist(s) have done a wonderful job... can you imagine how fun it would be to be one of the models? Great fun!


juliapersson87@gmail.com said...

the naughty fairytale is a beautiful fairytale


These are so playful & fun! She's fantastic! Going to check out the online store now! :)