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Thursday, June 24

Maison Close - Erotic & Chic Lingerie

Villa Caprice leg harness

Villa Caprice cupless bra with Villa Satine lace cuffs

The Villa Caprice garter thong...we love this piece!

Villa Caprice cuffs

The fishnet veil is such an adorable accessory!

Villa Satine skirt...perhaps worn as outerwear?

Bel Ami garter panty & corset bra...coming soon to Faire Frou Frou
images via Maison Close

We are so excited to share that the beautiful French lingerie label Maison Close is now being carried at Faire Frou Frou!
Not only is the collection visually enticing and risque in a sophisticated way, but it's very well-priced (we're talking under $100 for most items). Not even one week ago we received our first shipment and we're nearly sold out! Luckily the next shipment is on its way in and we're introducing some new styles that aren't yet on our website.
Maison Close is certainly special occasion lingerie and offers some wonderfully fun accessories to go along with your wardrobe. For instance, the masquerade eye mask and the "petite lecon" ruler have gotten an amazing response from our customers (even our celebrity clientele, ahem). Also, the Villa Caprice strappy cuffs and leg harnesses can make a great accessory to go along with your outerwear.
We highly encourage you to check out the new goodies at our shop...and you definitely need to buy something if you have an up-coming bachelorette party!

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15 fabulous comments:

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Hi Alison! Sexy new line you have here, and affordable too! :) Thanks for sharing! xox

Trish {Pink Preppy Lilly Lover} said...

Hi Alison! Sexy new line you have here, and affordable too! :) Thanks for sharing! xox

Moonlight said...

Congrats on the new lines!
These look absolutely amazing! I'm speechless!

VM Creation Atelier said...

Wow...just lovely sexy line!-)*
Looks very cute,dear Alison!!!


Katie@Knickersblog said...

Love love love Maison Close and the fact that you are finding stunning special lingerie at great prices. Mulmul and now this! Fantastic!

k said...

Oh la la! I'll have to pick out a few pieces from your website before they are gone!

Kellie Collis said...

Oh wow - Amazing pieces! Have a lovely weekend! x

Exquisite Accessories said...

Va Va Voom!! So glad they are selling fast who wouldnt want to own some of those pieces! :)

Wendy said...

LOVE all of this beautiful lingerie!!! Makes me feel girly and sexy just looking at it!

Jessica Turnbow said...

Love everything, head to toe!

Couture Carrie said...

Really sexy pieces!
The cuffs are exquisite!


sisters in black frocks said...

whoa! very sexy

Unknown said...

Thanks for the effort you took to expand upon this post so thoroughly. I look forward to future post.

There is no shortage of lingerie shops online today. Not too long ago, they were scattered in dark corners of alleys and hidden in out-of-the way places. Somehow, the Internet has validated a lot of businesses that would otherwise find themselves skirting society's boundaries.

maison close lingerie said...

These products are really amazing , after reading your blog i made a search and they says their new collection is on the way

yummy xx

Catherine said...

Absolutely love the post. These are simply gorgeous. At one point, purchasing lingerie was "taboo" and the only way to find it was by visiting a retail store on the side of the highway. Now - just type lingerie into a search engine and the results are endless!