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Tuesday, June 16

Thank You - Boudoir Edition

One of my little 'santos' statues that I've collected (placed in front of a greeting card)

Chickie getting bored with the photo shoot. By the way, she's a Pomeranian who lost most of her fur due to a genetic disorder.

Just showing that my room isn't as pink as it appeared in the last post! I definitely have fresh flowers in a vase every chance I can...these are from my garden.

A dresser vignette - the St. Germain bottle reminds me of a perfume bottle.

We just wanted to give a special thank you to everyone who so kindly commented on our boudoir makeover! What a great response!
We also wanted to specifically thank those of you who linked to our post:
The City Sage (who just got our room posted on HOUSE BEAUTIFUL!!!!)
Eve's Apples Lingerie Blog (who posted about it before we did!!)
Layers of Meaning
Oh Hello!
even a small credit on Relish Small Pleasures

Also, here's a special thanks to The Daily News and for doing such a nice announcement of our SUMMER SALE!!

22 fabulous comments:

Chloe Van Paris said...

so glad you find my blog .
We have so much tastes in commun-
your room is a little bit like mine and i have the franfreluches perfum paper in my room!!
I also like to go and check your wonderful shop.
I think it's the best one.

Virginia de la Reynares said...

I'm smitten by your grey/floral wallpaper... not to mention your puppy!
And looking at your boutique's site, I want to buy just about everything.

Aline said...

thank you again for sharing your home...I really enjoyed it and what a darling little pup!

amanda said...

just found your blog! FABULOUS!!! and your room is out of this world!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. i just found your blog, and your redo is amazing and I want to move in.

I also live in the valley, and NEED to stop by your shop next week!! I LOVEEEEE

FrenchBlue said...

What about Chickie? She is Adorable! Love the post and the images. Congratulations on the Newpaper article!!!

Kelly said...

oh man i'm loving your redo!!!! and your blog :) quite lovely!!

Logan said...

It's perfection! And I also blogged about it :)

Thanks for sharing. Your pup is a doll.

Awesome Sara said...

i am just so glad to have found your blog its so perfect and girly and makes my day everytime!!!

Beth Connolly said...

Everything about your blog is so feminine and lovely.

tanya said...

wow, what perfect designing--these pictures are fabulous!!

Connie said...

Oh gosh, what a gorgeous dog. I love your blog too!

Christina said...

there's a little award for you on my blog today:)

Celia said...

how bad do i want to squeeze chickie??

Miss G* said...

Your shop looks so girly, but in a soft way, I love it! If I go back to Studio City for holidays (like I did twice) I'll have to come to your shop!

The Townhouselady said...

Oh My Gosh! I just clicked through a link on Stella's Roar and found you. I feel like Alice and I've just landed in lingerie heaven.

Wonderful, simply wonderful. I'm jumping on as a follower, tout de suite!

P.S...I did this post on St-Germain. Isn't it divine?

Oliveaux said...

Chickie is very cute! Your images are beyond gorgeous...Ax

Jantine said...

Ah! Love the elements in your room :) xxxx

Julia said...

I really like these pictures. Your dog is so sweet.

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Love this post! Your precious dog, the vignette in your room (gorgeous) and that St. Germain bottle on your dresser. Claudia at the Paris Apartment just posted that photo of yours. Fab!!

Lyndsy said...

Chickie is so adorable! Your place is so cute and the perfect amount of girly goodness and chic!

TheBeautyFile said...

Chickie could not be any cuter!!!