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Friday, March 20

Girly Swimwear

New arrivals include the adorable polka dot bikini set by Mimi Holliday. Everyone who walks in the store goes straight to this set!

above: Mimi Holliday re-introduced the very popular Ruffle Tunic from last year...but this version is made from a slightly heavier cotton (which we love!)

We are certainly seeing a retro trend this year with swimwear. New styles from Fleur T.

We are definitely on a swimwear kick this week, and what better way to finish than with 2 of our favorite British brands; Fleur T and Mimi Holliday.
We just added the new arrivals from both brands to our website, and couldn't wait to share! For us, this season is all about the little polka dot bikini, and rightly so! You need to see these pieces in person, because the photos don't seem to capture their cuteness. The navy blue & white polka dot set has the adorable high-waisted bikini bottom...and the little ruffle trim in the back adds just the right touch.
As for the Mimi Holliday peach polka dot set, the rivets with the ribbon ties are just the right accent to make this a must-have item.
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3 fabulous comments:

Nicole Marie said...

oh goodness i am so not ready for swimsuit season!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this post..I really love these pieces!

Unknown said...

nobody is ever truly ready for swimsuit season...that's why you need a cute suit to detract from possible imperfections!! xox