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Tuesday, March 17

A Little Bit of Lingerie

Greg Kadel for Numero Magazine, October 2008

We simply wanted to share this image of Stephanie Seymour, namely because of the beautiful bra. We wonder who designed it?
UPDATE: Thanks to reader Culmell, the bra is by UK brand Lascivious...a somewhat naughty brand & look you will be seeing at Faire Frou Frou later this summer!!

3 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

It's the Laura bra by Lascivious. http://www.lascivious.co.uk/collections_products.php?collectionName=Laura

Unknown said...

thanks so much! how funny, we're bringing that brand into our store and just looked at that piece on their website!!

Anonymous said...

What a great bra. Naughty but nice!