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Tuesday, March 17

Eres Swimwear 2009

While looking over the Norma Kamali swimwear yesterday, we couldn't help but be reminded of the current Eres swimwear group. It too has a retro look, though a bit more understated with a little less frou-frou. Of course Eres is known for their elegant swimwear, and for the past 11 years they have created luxury lingerie as well.
We were fortunate to view the collection in person, and were delighted to see numerous styles and color options. The only problem is that Eres does not show many of their designs online, so we only have a handful of images to share with you. If you can make it into one of their boutiques, we think you would enjoy seeing the full group - we remember just loving so many of the swimsuits! In the meantime, enjoy these pictures with one of our favorite models, Hilary Rhoda.

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Christina said...

love that first bikini with the little bows!