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Thursday, March 29

Vannina Vesperini - you saw it here first!

We are happy to announce the launch of Vannina Vesperini's new and improved website!
A few weeks back we mentioned having seen the new Fall 2007 collection, and now you can preview it online!
Attached are 2 images from her new campaign, with amazing photographs featuring French actress Roxane Mesquida and photographed by famed photographer Sonia Sieff.
One of our favorite pieces from the group (which we ordered for ourselves!) is shown in the 'Press' section under the WWD article. It's the gorgeous silk chiffon leopard night dress that will make your jaw drop - you need to see it in person; the way it flows and drapes when you move. Another favorite is shown in the very amateur photo below...the peach satin silk gown. It's also stunning, and comes with a removable pearl brooch. We have more personal photos of the collection, and will post more in the up-coming months (we don't want to spoil all of the surprises!).
We would like to proudly mention that Faire Frou Frou is one of the first U.S. boutiques to carry the line (we started ordering from Vannina before we opened in 2003).

1 fabulous comments:

alexgirl said...

OMG those photographs are amazing! I really love that ad campaign. The line is totally gorgeous as well. I was initially drawn to your blog becuase it's pink, but now i love it! Hope you'll stop by mine sometime. I've got a novel I'm trying to promote. ;)
Can't wait to stop by your boutique next time I'm in LA!