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Thursday, January 10

Chantal Thomass - Spring/Summer 2013

Riviera Noir, lingerie, Chantal Thomass, bows
bridal lingerie, french lingerie
images via Chantal Thomass

Nothing makes us happier than discovering beautiful new photo campaigns from our favorite lingerie designers!  One such brand that rarely disappoints is French lingerie icon Chantal Thomass.  The Spring/Summer 2013 images are vibrant, playful and certainly have us pulling out our credit card to start buying each piece.  One of our very favorite images that has been floating around the web these past few weeks is the bow bra & high-waist panty (shown in nude/black).  We *will* make sure we personally own that set soon. 
Some of you may recall that we mentioned that Chantal Thomass would be returning to Faire Frou Frou this past Spring 2012.  Unfortunately there were once again trade issues that halted that from happening.  We were so excited at the possibility, and this campaign renews our hope that we will will once more carry the brand at our boutique in 2013. 
Until then, enjoy the eye-candy we've posted!

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6 fabulous comments:

Miss Narcissus said...

Love these images! Chantal Thomass never fails to bring the fabulousness!

Unknown said...

love these x

AVY said...

Girly and cute.


EnDor Love said...

fourth pic is .... sooo sexy !

Panty Buns said...

I LOVE all of the Chantal Thomass high-waist full cut briefs!!! The deep fuchsia colour of the knickers in the first photo is gorgeous - I'm yearning to wear some. The embroidery of the second set looks fabulous and the fourth photo of the sheer black set is like a pinup dream. What a lovely Spring/Summer lingerie collection!

FridayImInLove said...

wonderful girly-pop photoshoots and love the 5th classic and 6th retro suits!