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Tuesday, November 13

Andres Sarda - Fall/Winter 2012 Runway

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Just when you think you've seen every combination of how a bra and panty can be designed, you can get swept away by the creative vision of the Andres Sarda runway show.  Andres Sarda is one of the few luxury lingerie brands that regularly participates in a major fashion week runway show (Madrid Fashion Week), and without fail puts an over-the-top twist on its seasonal collection that's available for purchase in stores like Faire Frou Frou.  The runway ensembles show how beautiful lingerie can provide the foundation for something extraordinary.  Take an Andres Sarda lingerie set and dress it up with faux fur trims, ruffles, a top hat and tails!    The possibilities are endless, which is why we appreciate these images every season; showcasing the fantastic potential of beautiful lingerie. 

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