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Thursday, June 7

Sockbox - Luxury Lingerie

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It's always fun to discover a brand that embraces our frou-frou spirit, which is why we're pleased to share our favorite pieces from the designer SockBox.  Though the brand was established in 2008, it was with the magic of our Pinterest page that we discovered this Latvian label!  Sweeping, dramatic lace and polka dot accents were enough to get our attention, and of course a variety of designs in simple yet luxurious neutrals make these pieces timeless.  We love that Sockbox not only creates lingerie and nightwear, but that it also creates matching hosiery as well as darling matching garter belts & straps.  Each item is handmade from the highest quality fabric and lace, and certainly made for the lady seeking to add a dose of glamour to her life. 
Sockbox just recently launched an online store, so these pieces and quite a few more are available on their website!  And who knows, maybe one day you will see them at Faire Frou Frou

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6 fabulous comments:

AVY said...

Classy is always sexy!


Elise said...

This brand is absolutely amazing, feminine and vintage with a modnerist twist. An instant favourite! xx

toko baju muslim murah said...

Very interesting... I really like it... Thank you so much...

Unknown said...

Like AVY said; classy sexy and elegant and also risqué. Love it @ 0hhshutup

RosesAndSilk said...

I think I just fell in love.
How fun is this brand?! I can't even decide which picture is my favourite. So pretty!!


Charlotte Boudoir said...

Amazing! I love every single piece posted. Each one is unique and gorgeous!