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Tuesday, May 29

The Little Bra Company - For the 'A' Team!

images via The Little Bra Company

We just re-stocked the Spring 2012 collection of The Little Bra Company here at Faire Frou Frou, and now all styles are available on our website!  The style we are most excited about this season is the Elizabeth (shown at the top of the post) which is a padded push-up sports bra (which means there's no underwire).  Since we're not particularly athletic, we simply love that you get all of the cleavage with a super amount of can sleep in it if you want.  The Little Bra Company (TLBC) is a lingerie line that caters to A & B-cup ladies (and some C-cups!) and depending on the level of padding in the style you wear it can make you appear a full cup-size larger than you are.  The Lucia style (shown in geranium pink above) is probably the most padded va-va-voom style we carry.  The Elizabeth is probably the least padded of all of the styles.  Anyhow, TLBC has a well-rounded range of styles from its racerback sports bra, to its multi-way strapless, to its variety of t-shirt and fashion bras.  For those of you interested in purchasing a TLBC bra, please note that most styles run small in the band (so you most-likely order up a band size if you're uncertain where you fall). 
Shop the new arrivals from The Little Bra Company here!

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9 fabulous comments:

AVY said...

That pink set is cute, love the panties.


Coco Bates said...

I've never tried their bra's before Im a 34B and I think i just might have to give them a try :)



Pinupmania said...

A great collection

agnes said...

de très jolis modèles

Jlocupid said...

Nice, Love it

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mikky said...

These look beautiful.
I especially like the criss cross back.


Johanna Anez said...

Liked the black set , very versatile. You get 3 for the price of one .

Jessica Williams said...

The halter design is looking very sophisticated, more akin to the wearing style of a gown. I also like the criss-cross pattern - it gives that stylish sense to it. Overall a pretty nice collection from The Little Bra Company. Thanks for sharing this insightful post with us!

Unknown said...

Superb collection.Pink set is very cute.I also like the criss-cross pattern.Overall a pretty nice collection from The Little Bra Company.
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