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Friday, May 11

Glitter Guide & Faire Frou Frou!


all images courtesy of Glitter Guide, Photography by Tim Melideo

We celebrate Mother's Day in a big way at Faire Frou Frou, and what better way to honor our mother-daughter-owned business than with a feature in Glitter Guide!  Glitter Guide is an inspire-style website that seems to have shot to superstardom in its relatively short existence; the site consistently showcases the crème de la crème of various industries with a heavy focus on fashion and glamour.  With that in mind, we are honored to be part of their Mother's Day Shop Talk series.  Not only did we receive an amazing interview, but we had a chance to be photographed by LA-based photographer Tim Melideo (who first caught our eye a while back with his pin-up portrait series).  As you can see, he did an incredible job capturing our boutique and the silliness that ensues between boutique owners / mother-daughter team Gail & Alison Rubke.
For more glittery goodness, visit the Glitter Guide here!

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8 fabulous comments:

Helen at THELOVECATSINC said...

amazing photos!


helen @

poetsie said...

What a lovely shop you have. Love the colours!
I think you are very passioned about it. (sorry for my bad English)

Tim said...

Boom! Had a great time! I told you ladies that you would look great :) Talk with you soon!

Kelly Dillon said...

i love it all!! such a pretty shop!!

la la Lovely said...

Loved seeing your feature on Glitter Guide! Everything is so gorgeous (as always) including you two!
xo . trina

clever little buttons said...

Amazing post - love the nipple tassel moving image! Fabulous - will be coming back to read more!

padded panties said...

Wow what a gorgeous shop, excellent job ladies. I would love to stop in there if Im ever in the area.

badside said...

Great pics, the two of you are so pretty and fun! Not sure if you did the interior of your shop, but it's awesome, very tasteful and chic in just the right way and amount. I have to make it there one of these days.