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Sunday, May 20

Carine Gilson - Lingerie Couture - Summer 2012

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Forget about waiting until June, Summer is officially here now that the new Summer 2012 collection from Carine Gilson has launched!  It is a Frou Frou Fashionista tradition to feature the latest work of our favorite luxury lingerie designer, Carine Gilson.  It gives us great pleasure to discover her latest treasures, and it's always exciting to see the new colors and shapes being used.  The above images are some of our favorite pieces from the current season.  We have to admit that we wish there was more of the lingerie-as-outerwear selection that we saw in Fall/Winter '11, but otherwise the designs we see here are flawless (as usual).  We leave you now to scroll back up through this post and make a mental wishlist of bras/panties/loungewear that you are coveting.

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4 fabulous comments:

CourtStar @ StarSystemz said...

obsessed with this line! It reminds me of old hollywood glamour!

Kitty Plum said...

Simply stunning, absolute favourite of mine too. The combination of colour and lace is sublime

Claire said...

It really does! Looks delicately made, super stylish and very elegant :) Bootiful! said...

Love all of these!!! pretty x