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Wednesday, December 21

Big Sexy Hair, High Heels & Lingerie!

Tiah Eckhardt by Jason Lerace

It's been a while since we featured lingerie as seen in an editorial, but with these images we couldn't resist.  The black lace bodysuit in the first image simply had to be shared, and then there were a few others we thought you would enjoy too, hence this blog post!  We actually don't recognize any of the lingerie, even though some of it looks familiar, which means this post is strictly for your visual enjoyment!
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7 fabulous comments:

A BRIT GREEK said...

It's absolutely stunning, I love coming here for gorgeous lingerie eds!
Thanks for sharing!

Petra Bellejambes said...

Gorgeous. Never too busy for big hair and pretty things m'dears.

Even at the holidays.

Enjoy yours!

xoxo - Petra

Lia said...

amazing images. i love how those girls can always pull off high waisted undies.

Glass of Fashion

Sierra said...

That's some sexy lingerie and editorials too - love it! Merry Christmas!

GetMetheSkinny said...

t is always a pleasure to view Big Sexy Hair, High Heels & Lingerie!. This and the Big Sexy Hair, High Heels & Lingerie! were really beautiful pieces. Keep it up.

lorenabr said...


Unknown said...

Lovely pictures ladies!

Hope you're having a nice holiday!

xo, Abbey (District Dress Up)