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Friday, November 11

La Fille d'O Lingerie

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La Fille d'O is a luxury lingerie brand from Belgium that has an erotic fashion-forward look like no other.  We love when a designer captures a unique style and develops something quite new.  Not only is their look one-of-a-kind, but even the construction and sizing of their bras is unique to their label.  Each bra is sized as S1-S5 (no A,B,C,D for these gals) and fitted with adjustments that create a custom-tailored fit no matter what your size!  Even the sizes S, M & L are alternatively called "Tiny, Bouncy and Curvy".  The designer describes their bras as "looking light as sunny clouds but supporting you firmly like strong hands" - we like that! 
Here's a bit more of how the brand describes itself:
la fille d'O is a one woman show.
it's showtime from the moment you crawl out of bed
includes that second when your panties are visible under that skirt of yours
includes that smile on your face when you can loose yourself in life

la fille d'O doesnt take things for granted.

la fille d'O tries to know the rules. to bend them only seconds later.
not scared to break em when new rules are dying to be applied.
la fille d'O is a pottymouth with the ideal granddaughter flair.
respect and a healthy dose of f**k
aultre ne veulx estre*

come see if i am not a liar.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
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23 fabulous comments:

Gaby said...

Wow this brand is amazing!

Toad Lillie said...

Love that 8th image down. So striking!

bielizna said...

i've never used that but it looks ok. :)

Erika said...

Love all these they're so cute especially the 3rd one!

Panty Buns said...

What an intriguing variety of pretty designs LaFille d'O carries. It looks like there is something for almost every connoisseur of lingerie to like. I'm one of the odd ducks who love the seams in full briefs, so I find the briefs pictured in the 5th and 6th photos to be quite desirable. I love the lacing in the third photo and look of the semi-sheer panty with black trim in the last photo. Very pretty.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Wow, this is truly different and very interesting. Thanks for the introduction, I'm definitely keeping them in mind for future lingerie shopping!

Arielle said...

Love it! & i love this blog!

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing, do they sell this line in the US?

PKelly's Site said...

love the photos nice collection!!
thnx so much 4 leaving me a comment :)

bevy said...

interesting undergarments, almost like art!

Anonymous said...

love your boutique!!! such pretty things

Anonymous said...

it looks good ;)


Berta said...

What a blog!! I recommend you Andrés Sardá. You are going tolove his lingerie. xoxo

Stephon said...

how cute are those pictures !!

BeFlame Lingerie said...

Very sexy and erotic lingerie I love it!

Mom Fashion World said...

Oh my, these are so sexy lingeries!
I love it all.

Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

So European, so elegant and sexy! You curate the most amazing one of a kind pieces that I've never even heard of...definitely bookmarking their site and maybe put it on my Xmas wishlist for le boyfriend :D

Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment, hope to see you back soon!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Akiko said...

They look gorgeous! Unique yet so chic. Amazing photos too.. Thank you for sharing :) -akiko

O said...

Lovely! xoxo

O said...

Love the pictures! Have a great weekend! xoxo

Erinn said...

Really unique pieces - I love them!

Melina said...

Gorgeous photos

Erika said...

These are so cute I want them :)