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Thursday, October 13

Lounging About - Photos by Marcus Ohlsson

images via here

Something about lounging around in pretty lingerie is so appealing.  These photos by Marcus Ohlsson for Velvet Magazine are so lovely and romantic and simply needed to be shared.  That black bra in the first photo is so incredible (even if we don't know what it looks like from the front!).  We just wanted to share something simple and sweet.  Hope you enjoy!

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31 fabulous comments:

rose said...

so decadent, lounging around in glamorous undies :) really glad you liked my LV & cupcakes post :) xxx

Viv said...

lovely! your blog is beautiful :)


Unknown said...

Wow I love your blog - it's brilliant. It's making me feel guilty about my un-matching underwear though!



Kia Gomez said...

Hey !
I agree, lounging in pretty lingerie is really appealing :)
Love the pics


Unknown said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! I adore lingeries! Such a beautiful post!

following you!

Josine Luxanette said...

Very lovely, great pictures!*


Jayrin said...

I'm so glad I found this site considering how inspired I've been by lingerie lately! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way ;)

kat @ paper doll theory said...

love your blog! so very unique. loving this shoot btw

xoxo kat

Wynne Prasetyo said...

sophisticated. great post!


Engra said...

Wonderful, very sensual and sophisticated, this photographer is great!

Alexandra said...

So lovely and seductive at the same time! I would love to do a photoshoot like this. My boyfriend would love it as well (he is my photographer) ... if you ever want to be featured in my blog, I would love to wear some of your items! :)


Barcelona Brunettes said...




Flaviana Boni said...

nice post!

Check out my new outfit post!
MY BLOG: Dress up for armageddon

alexandra grecco said...

These are lovely!
Alexandra Grecco

ediot said...

so many stunning pieces. i need to get myself some luxurious lingerie soon..

Julia said...

Love this amazing underwear! Thank you for your vote you have left in my blog! I follow you too! Kisses

Fashion to Go said...

Gosh you have some stunning lingerie photography here.

Unknown said...

love these images



Rocket Fashionista said...

They're so sexy and chic at the same time! xx

roha said...

thanks for your lovely comment!
your blog is awesome - i love the idea that mother and daughter are blogging together, this is sooo cool :)
i'm following. maybe you wanna follow back - so you tell me, what to wear underneath and my blog will inspire you what to wear over it ;)
♥ Romi

ANGIE said...

Beautiful photos...all those lingerie look just amazing!!!Nice blog;)KISSES

Ally said...

Your blog is so delicate and beautiful just like your lingerie! Saw you guys on Fashionably Bombed and loved your interview :)


Sam said...

These pictures are amazing. The models with the brown hair have something magical. I love beautiful lingerie.



Xueer C. // 쉐어 said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!
Stay lovely, the-fashionshadow.blogspot.com

Jeannie said...

wow i love your blog!! so many stunning images!
xoxo Jeannie

Eva said...

So lovely! Great post xoxo


all-fashioninwonderland said...

i love this pictures :)
check ouzt mine :*

Jadore-Fashion said...

Gorgeous pictures!


Sibellissima said...

Can you find for us in next post, beautiful photos with more... curvy models from an international brand very fashion? These models are too "light" no?

Thank you for your blog very Froufrou and more!

kiss from france!

signature mix said...

I love this gorgeous simplicity. I always feel more confident when wearing pretty undergarments and now I'm craving some of these.

bielizna korygująca said...

cool, this woman in black bra is really beautiful.