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Tuesday, September 27

Fifi Chachnil - Dress Up in Ruffles & Lace!

 images via here & Faire Frou Frou & here

Today we are photographing the new arrivals from Fifi Chachnil for our website, and of course had to give a teensy sneak peek here!  There's ruffles, there's lace, there's polka dots, there's retro-inspired designs...pretty much your fantasy lingerie wardrobe all in one shipment.  The new goodies will be posted in the next 1-2 days!

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5 fabulous comments:

Catherine said...

I cannot wait to see the new arrivals! Fifi Chachnil was featured in the new Lara Stone GQ spread, FYI! It was a beautiful little cropped angora cardigan.

Glayki said...

Such lovely photos, your blog is wonderful, so glad I found it!!!!


ruffles bring me energy, these new arrivals are divine!

wish i could visit your boutique!

Mary Ann said...

I love all the lace and ruffles!

Jamie Anthony said...

I love Ruffles and lace on lingerie. It's all so glamorous!! Love your blog too! So many wonderful pictures!!