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Monday, August 15

Simply Sexy - Kate Beckinsale

photos via Mean Magazine, images via here

Naturally once we saw these images of Kate Beckinsale over on Design Love Fest we knew they needed to be shared with you!  Just a basic bra and boy short layered with a blouse can be so sexy, and what's great is that so many of us already have the basic foundations to create this very look.  It's wonderful knowing that as amazing as elaborate luxury lingerie can be that something so basic can be equally if not more sexy.  Perhaps that's the concept mastered so effectively by brands such as Eres, Hanro and Skin...sometimes less is more.
(Granted we are still Swarovski crystal-loving, lace, silk and ostrich feather-wearing, glitz and glam girls at heart!). 

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4 fabulous comments:

Rachael said...

Gorgeous indeed!

coco kailee said...

Wow! So sexy! Sometimes less really is more! I do love the simple look of just the plain black bra and undies with that amazing orange button up; and I love Kate's new straight bang-look too :}

What a great editorial.

xoxo Coco L.

classiq said...

Wow, Kate is beautiful and she looks amazing in these shots. A simple blouse of shirt over black lingerie can be so sexy.

Unknown said...

She's definitely awesome....i love her posture...