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Thursday, June 2

Atsuko Kudo - Luxury Latex Lingerie


 images via Atsuko Kudo

We are pretty much convinced that Atsuko Kudo has revolutionized the concept of luxury latex lingerie.  For the first time, a label has turned our attention toward this type of product and has pretty much brought our idea of latex from out of the gutter and onto the runway.  We're sure many of your agree.  Granted, Atsuko Kudo definitely has a fetish appeal, but the designs are high-fashion and sophisticated.  Such sophistication doesn't come cheap, as prices range from about $300 for a bra to about $2,000 for an applique flower bodysuit!
The item we're coveting is the pair of clear stockings (with the triple black band along the top)...they're $200 but we're guessing they don't run so it might be a good investment! 
It's always interesting when a designer can take a concept and make it (relatively) mainstream.  Suddenly you don't need to be a fetish model to want latex undies.  
Has Atsuko Kudo changed your opinion of latex rubber lingerie?

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6 fabulous comments:

NRC♥ said...

Those pink heels in the first picture WOW

N. and M. Ziegfeld said...

Oh wow! I love the aesthetic here! The wild juxtaposition of such classic, even vintage shapes, with such a modern, fetish fabric creates something really special. In particular, I am head over heels for the dress and hat in photo five, such a sweet shape a colour!

- Mlle. Ziegfeld

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Amazing works!! I agree, I like the vintage shapes with the modern feminine and adventurous all at the same time!! Genious!! Have a great weekend!! xx

Irene said...

I want every piece in that collection!

Petra Bellejambes said...

Kudo San has not changed my opinion of latex lingerie. I always had a favorable disposition :)

I agree with all the comments though, lovely to see the vintage silhouettes and couturier details on all of the lovely pieces.

Just how though, does one keep cool while looking so hot?

Cheerful stuff, thanks for sharing...

loulou said...

Hey you!
Great post, I worked for Atsuko for two years and she is SO talented and probably the hardest working person I've ever met. I can also say it's well worth the money, the items are so gorgeous and made to fit for anyone and everyone!

Hope you are really well! lots of love, Loulou xx