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Sunday, January 9

Lingerie in its Perfect Form

We want this entire
images via Tina Luther

It's so much fun to do a post where it's almost impossible to determine which picture is our favorite!  The polka dot romper, the sheer blouse over the black bra, the lace-covered high heels...even the turquoise background is striking.   German photographer Tina Luther is the talent behind this striking assortment of images.  The layers, the colors, the textures, the accessories; there's so much to making such beautiful shots.
Can you pick a favorite?

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8 fabulous comments:

Miss Woody said...

perfect !!

Miss Narcissus said...

The polka dot romper is adorable! That look is also my favourite.

Petra Bellejambes said...

For me, m'dears, the second shot with the lovely corset is the nicest. O I do love the art direction and the pieces in all the shots, really, I just wish our model could look a little more jolly.

Would it really hurt a healthy, beautiful young thing to smile? :)

xxoo - Petra

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love these shots! Perfect lingerie and perfectly colored images!

Seasons Jewellery said...

the polka dot romper . . . those red shoes are amazing!

Christina said...

Definitely the polka dots!!! So darling!

Bren said...

the last image is my fave... the color contrast is great. nice round up! and great to have found ur blog!

B So Chic!

Vedette Shapewear said...

definitely the polka dot romper!