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Tuesday, September 28

Tyler Kandel; Photographer

Maison Close 'Villa Caprice' bra & panty
Cosabella 'Jill' Bra & Fifi Chachnil 'Jolie Fille' bloomers
Fleur of England 'Something Blue' Balcony Bra & Shorty
All images via Tyler Kandel, make-up & styling by Quinn Lipton

Not only do we have the most amazing customers around, but apparently the most talented!  Through Faire Frou Frou we were pleased to make the acquaintance of Los Angeles photographer Tyler Kandel, who shot a series of images titled "On Pointe" that included lingerie from our boutique.  The images are gorgeous, the lingerie is spectacular and the fact that the photos are ballet-themed is the pièce de résistance.  Each image seems to be as much about the light in the room as it is about the dancer, which is pretty breathtaking.  Kandel studied photography at Art Center College of Design and was recently amongst the Top 25 contestants at the 2010 International Photography Awards.  His portfolio is a great example of his range of talent as a photographer, which we recommend that you see here

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8 fabulous comments:

frankufotos Lingerie said...

The light, shadow and lingerie together with the models is amazing.
A great find.

Rachael said...

These photos really are breathtaking...so beautiful!

thanks for sharing the link too!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Those pictures are beyond amazing!

I especially love the ones in the kitchen, the lighting there is just spectacular.




Lynn said...

That is stunning photography, well done on the concept and good luck with the

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After Dark Sensations

VM Creation Atelier said...

What a great,inspirational photos,Alison...
Just wonderful work!!!


agnes said...

c'est magnifique, ces photos sont vraiment très belles

Engra said...

Lingerie & ballet...


Free Victoria's Secrects Giftcard said...

Lovely Picture... Im loving what she's wearing.. Omg! Its cute