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Monday, April 19

Haute Shots

all images copyright Haute Shots Boudoir Photography
we're seeing a trend in the photos we selected of the pose we like best!

Our lovely friend Stacie Frazier from Haute Shots Boudoir Photography recently interviewed us (actually, just Alison) as the first guest on the What's Sexy Now series on her blog. Upon doing the interview we thought it was the perfect opportunity to feature her boudoir photography on our site.
Stacie is a boudoir photographer based in Las Vegas which means she specializes in making everyday women look sexy on camera. No matter what your age, shape or size is, a boudoir photo makes an amazing gift for your significant other, or just a great gift for yourself. It's also one of the best ways to memorialize the beautiful lingerie you have collected! We can think of so many sets here at Faire Frou Frou that would be perfect for a photo shoot.

As a little incentive to Frou Frou Fashionista readers, if you book a photo shoot with Stacie from now through the month of May 2010, you will receive 10% off your order (just book the shoot, not necessarily do it in May)! Wouldn't it be so much fun taking a weekend trip to Vegas and planning a boudoir shoot while you're there?
Of course, if you are looking for lingerie for your shoot, we recommend here.

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10 fabulous comments:

Tiffany Kadani said...

10% off? That's incredible! I wish I had the guts to pose in my undies. Maybe a leotard for this dancer. PS... I love that all these women look like real women and the model laying on the couch has awesome calves.

Anonymous said...

I love this shots! Ooh and if you like come see, I posted my Marie Antoinette b.day party pics!

tiffany said...

wow i love these!
do you remember where the amelie inspired photo shoot was? i'd loove to see it...i haven't came across it yet!

xo tiffany

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Gorgeous!! These photos are simply breathtaking. :)

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

That is interesting. Stacie thumbs up! :) Love the third pic the most!

Punctuation Mark said...

definitely very sexy!!! love to get one of hose one day!

COCAMIA said...

I love the last image of this beautiful voluptuous body!!! Hope all is great...xo

Anonymous said...

I had boudoir photos taken by a friend who's a photographer: once you lose your reserve - yay for a fun photographer and for wine! - it's actually really empowering. I love all these photos; I really couldn't pick just one set of lingerie that I like, they're all so beautiful.

Unknown said...

Amazing pictures! So so sexy!

Pinupmania said...

The third one is fabulous !