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Thursday, February 4

Dedication to Lace

european lace bra
We were taking a few photos for a client of ours today, and fell in love with the detail of this piece. It's an I.D. Sarrieri bra (now sold out) that's made of an intricately woven Chantilly lace. When you see these details, and how much attention goes into creating such a gorgeous piece, you get a better idea of why these pieces are priced the way they are. The technique for creating this lace goes back hundreds of years, and is still used today by some of the finest lingerie designers such as I.D. Sarrieri. Details like this are why we love what we do.

Speaking of lace, what lacy gift will you be getting from Faire Frou Frou this Valentine's Day?

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2 fabulous comments:

FrenchBlue said...

So Beautiful! Nothing is more romantic & soft for his Valentines Day than sexy lace! Love it!

Mélanie A. said...

Beautiful lace