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Sunday, January 31

I Feel Pretty...Dressing Up in Lingerie

vogue brazil september 2009
vogue brazil
bob wolfenson photography

images via Vogue Brazil, September 2009
Silhueta em EvidĂȘncia by Photographer Bob Wolfenson
Models: Luana Teifke, Rhaisa Batista, Vanessa Da Cruz

This editorial depicts what men probably fantasize about how women look when they get together to dress and put on their lingerie. In some respects it's pretty accurate, but the photos also have a dreamy fantasy quality that even we ladies aspire to create in real life!
We personally love these images because they capture intimate moments shared by women. Some of the best bonding times are times like these, almost like photos of a bride getting ready with her maidens before the wedding.
As for the lingerie we're seeing, the stockings are Wolford and Fogal, and the bras/undies are La Perla, Valisere, Madame Sher, and Dior.

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5 fabulous comments:

Treacle said...

Thanks for the id'ing the lingerie, ladies!

It's funny, but no matter how many times I see a stocking and a garter strap, I'm still entranced. You'd think I'd be tired of that by now! ;-)

Engra said...

thank you for this post!! it`s so bheautiful...

Grumpy old man said...

Hi Alison, I am sure you can show your legs without stockings, maybe you are just being modest.
You would like to see someone posting a pic with stockings and garter belts...? I doubt we will find a girl that brave... unless..... hmmm unless you want to take the lead...!? :-)

Thanks for leaving a thought, it is really nice to get comments from you, I appreciate them all.

Hope you will have a super day.

Ps, I would also like to post a pic of a reader in stockings and garter belt... *s*

Iva Messy said...

gorgeous images!

Barbro Andersen said...

Oh, these pictures makes me want to join them. And but on beautiful lingerie. And chat. And drink wine. And eat breakfast. And laugh.

Oh, how wonderful!