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Friday, December 18

The Little Bra Company - HELLO cleavage!

the little bra companyemily lauabove: the Sascha style we just bought

small breastsluxury lingeriefaire frou frouphotographer: Ari Michelson

We wanted to take this opportunity to brag about our latest bra purchase; the new 'Sascha' strapless from The Little Bra Company. You may know this brand from our boutique, and designer Emily Lau just launched her latest collection which includes new colors, new matching panties and the first strapless style. As many of you know, buying a strapless bra can be want the shape and support, but wouldn't it be nice if it was pretty and provided lift? The 'Sascha' style covers all of those bases; it gives va-va-voom push-up and the bra itself is quite pretty with its lace/mesh overlay (that lies flat, so it's perfect as a 't-shirt bra').
If you didn't already know, The Little Bra Company (aka TLBC) is a lingerie label designed specifically for ladies who wear bra sizes 28-36 A and B. Secondly, it makes certain that if you're an A-cup, you at least look like a B-cup. Or at least that was our experience! Each bra is a padded push-up, but the genius is that the cups are cut closely together in the center so as to enhance your cleavage. The bras and matching panties are pretty without compromising functionality. For those of you who wear those silicone 'chicken cutlets' in your bra, no need for those with TLBC!
You can buy TLBC here and here! Enjoy your new-found cleavage!

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7 fabulous comments:

Treacle said...

I'm a (itty-bitty) B cup! Thanks for the find. :-D said...



Panty Buns said...

It's always nice to have matching bras and knickers. The lace on these looks nice.

Taj said...

i love this company, it's one of the few brands i've found that makes my size at all (30B). everyone says it's important to buy bras in the right size, but no one makes mine!

FrenchBlue said...

So so pretty!! These girls all look like they have a secret!
Beautiful post as always~
Merry Christmas!!

Joanna said...

Gorgeous lingerie.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

A little disappointed with my purchase with the Little Bra Company (Lucia bra) since there were so many great reviews about their bras for small breasted women. Unfortunately, if you're average built like me (not shopping at petite stores; I'm 5'7 and 130lbs) but with smaller chest, this bra might not fit you as well. The Lucia is a beautiful bra but the cups are too close together for my average frame and the shoulder straps could have the option of being longer. I have my shoulder straps at the longest it could be and the back of my bra strap is pulled up my back about 3/4" higher than the front. For the price charged I got much better cleavage and fit with a LaSenza or Victoria Secret bra for much lower price.