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Thursday, October 8

Marie Antoinette's Intimates

images courtesy of Giuliano Bekor
(click here to see unedited/nudes)

Pretty much when any photo has a Marie Antoinette theme, it's a hit, especially when lingerie is involved! We love these coquettish pictures by Giuliano Bekor from his shoot that is aptly titled "Marie Antoinette". Feathers, ribbons, stockings and cotton candy hair combine for a fun effect, especially with those stand-out red shoes! And we can't ignore the beautiful corsets and bustiers that made these pieces so incredible.
This shoot makes us wonder; what was Marie Antoinette really wearing under those elaborate dresses...ribbon-tie panties? Red suede boots? Does anyone know for sure?

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9 fabulous comments:

Anonymous said...

oooh so beautiful! x

 Mommy Drinks Style said...

Once again, another rockin' hot "pic"torial post!

Emily Cato said...

Wow!!! Those are amazing!

Thanks for the comment by the way. :-)

bananas. said...

GORGEOUS!!! i wish i could pull this look off. it would be one bad ass halloween costume. i'd probably wear much more clothing than that :)


fabulous photos and post! <3

Heather Taylor said...

Wow what a week! First the Alexander McQueen 10 inch shoe masterpieces, the spring Dior lingerie as outerwear and now these smokin' hot intimates. It is a visual feast for the eyes!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Love this themed me an idea for Halloween :)

Penny Lane said...

the model looks gorgeous, but the lengerie is much more gorgeous!

PL ♥

Heather Gray said...

These are fabulous. Now we can all play queen. :)
xoxo H