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Friday, July 24

Some 'Pretty' to Get You Through the Weekend

We love the green shoes with the pink panties!

Araks bra (above), as well as an Araks slip (below).

images via Martin Lidell

We thought it would be nice to leave you with some pleasant lingerie images as you go off to enjoy the weekend. Perhaps the top photo indicates a look you will be doing while hanging out in your kitchen? We must say it's a cute way of doing the lingerie with high-heels look.
Each of the photos in this post are by Swedish photographer Martin Lidell.

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11 fabulous comments:

anna and the ring said...

Oh heaven. When you find out about the slip, you must let everyone know!

debra@dustjacket said...

Oooo Totally, I just love the green shoes. Actually I love pink and green together.

Beautiful shots for the weekend, have a great one girls.

xxx DJ

FrenchBlue said...

Those pink flowers had me at hello~ OMG~~ I love love love love it!!!
Is it a bathing suit or body suit and where is that from?? Beautiful post as always!

Miss Narcissus said...

I love love love Araks. And those images are so dreamy!

Ela said...

LOL, not sure how much cooking I'd get done in the kitchen! I do love the pairing of green and pink! xx

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

I adore Inguna and this editorial of hers is one of my favourite.
Gorgeous images for a beautiful weekend! Have a great one, darlings!


Beth Connolly said...

Love green and pink together when it's not preppy-this is definitely not preppy!

Unknown said...

French Blue - if i knew who made that darling flower outfit i'd be wearing it right now!! so cute. ;-)

Cindy Felix said...

ooo.... I do the walking around in high heels at home with the lingerie ;)
Sexy !

Rachel @ The Haute Notes said...

These are all lovely! I'm especially liking the green shoes with the pink!

Sarah Klassen said...

What beautiful images! {You have such a pretty blog}

I hope you both had a fantastic weekend!

*if you have a chance to visit, tomorrow is my blog's first anniversary, and I will be hosting our first giveaway also :) (tomorrow morning/afternoon)