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Thursday, April 24

More Reasons to Love I.D. Sarrieri!

We are in the process of adding some new I.D. Sarrieri products to our online store, and in the process found some beautiful pictures we wanted to share with you. These images are from an I.D. Sarrieri runway show (likely in 2007).
Just look at how beautiful these pieces are - it's brands like I.D. Sarrieri that really do a great job representing what luxury lingerie looks like. You can tell right away what fine Chantilly lace and satin silk they use.
Some of these runway pieces never made it into the mainstream collection (as far as we know), which is a shame because Faire Frou Frou customers would love to have them!!
Included here is a picture of Iulia Dobrin, the designer of the Romanian lingerie line I.D. Sarrieri, with supermodel Adriana Karembeu at the runway show.

P.S. - Our April/May blog header features an ID Sarrieri set that we do have at Faire Frou Frou (in white Chantilly lace - so pretty!).

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