Wednesday, July 9

Valentine’s Day Year Round with Three J NYC

images via Instagram, Faire Frou Frou & Three J NYC

Who says Valentine’s Day is the only day to wear hearts?  Well whomever it was couldn’t be more wrong and it seems as if designer Alexandria McLeod of Three J NYC would happily agree.  With the new arrival to Faire Frou Frou of the classic Eloise short pajama set in red hearts, this set will be a sweet reminder of love.  Made with 100% cotton this set is perfect for those warm summer nights or lazy days spent indoors.  If the pajamas themselves didn’t remind you enough of love the quick story of Three J NYC will.  After spending many years in the fashion industry designing children’s clothes Alexandria finally decided to embark on her own design path and announced her collection of pajamas, Three J, which she named after her three siblings; sister Jamie, and brothers Jeff and John.  They supply Alexandria with much of the inspiration used to create all of her playful pajamas. 
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Thursday, May 15

Faire Frou Frou is Looking for New Owners! WE are for Sale!

We’ve got personality, we’ve got style, and we’ve built one of the most prestigious names in luxury lingerie: Faire Frou Frou (  Our boutique was born a decade ago with the mission to give women a reason to show-off their intimates and discover the beauty of designer brands from around the world.  Ours is one of the most sought-after boutiques for established and emerging designers to be in; both of whom we represent.  

From our early days we have effectively used social media to develop our brand, and thanks to those efforts we have an impressive worldwide following and customer base.  The name Faire Frou Frou is synonymous with luxury intimates, feminine style, and for forecasting lingerie trends and discovering new talent (ranging from the selection within our boutique to the images we share on Pinterest!).  Our jewel-box of a boutique has earned a reputation for its cheerful, friendly atmosphere, as well as outstanding customer service.  

We have accomplished so much and fulfilled dreams beyond our expectations with Faire Frou Frou.  The fun of the buying trips (hello, Paris, London & NYC!), being surrounded by the eye-candy that is our inventory and the inspiration that arrives with each day of business has fueled our vision for ten years.   Faire Frou Frou has been good to us, and now we’re ready for it to be good to you!

It’s best to go out with a bang, and that’s precisely what we’re doing!  We are looking for a vibrant, creative and stylish new owner(s) to whom we can pass our sparkling bright torch.  We are looking for someone who understands the value of the brand we have created, and who has the vision and financial resources to expand upon our dream &/or take in a new direction (new website, new or more locations, a lingerie label, the sky’s the limit!).  

The new owner is not limited to retaining our current Studio City location; anywhere in the USA is a possibility.  We are happy to work with the new owner(s) in any capacity to make certain that a smooth transition takes place.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your interest in owning the brightest name in lingerie: Faire Frou Frou!  Please email inquiries to us at  We are excited to hear from you!

With Love,
Alison & Gail (Daughter & Mother)   

Thursday, May 8

Where We've Been & Where To Find Us!

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We are long overdue with an explanation for where we've been!  Team Frou Frou Fashionista hasn't disappeared, we've just been spending our time elsewhere, as explained by the above list.  We are still going strong with our Boutique (both in Studio City, CA and online), and certainly keep busy on social media.  Almost daily, new images are posted to Instagram and Facebook, and new inspiration is constantly to be found on BOTH of our Pinterest pages (there's one for each of the co-owners, Gail and Alison). 
In the past couple of years, our focus has shifted from reading & writing blog posts to searching for eye candy and images that would otherwise be on this blog, and that's why we love Tumblr.  You get all of the beautiful images, without any discussion (our preference!).
All of that being said, we encourage you to follow us on all of our newer social media platforms!  We have so much to share, and want you to be up-to-date on what we're excited about when we're excited about it!

(As a little side note, all of our social media ends up flowing through to our Twitter account.  So please feel free to find us there as the one-stop shop for our latest news!)

Thank you for your support, and for following the adventures of Faire Frou Frou

Monday, November 25

Japanese Lingerie Brand N.SENS

images via N.SENS photos by Jack Alibaba, model Rachel

N.SENS is a lingerie brand recently established in Japan and designed by Seina Takasaki.  The brand produces intimates that skillfully blend Japanese aesthetics with French sophistication.  The items featured here fall into two groups; Lilith and Ninfea.  Lilith is the more glamorous group featuring bras and panties with delicate lace overlay.  Ninfea appears geared toward a younger, more playful customer. 
Though N.SENS appears to have limited distribution at the moment, we expect to see the brand to gain a worldwide presence in the forthcoming months.  We can't wait to get our hands on that gorgeous Lilith set featured at the top of the post!

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Sunday, November 24

Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelle - Belgium Lingerie Label

Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles / fashion images by Laeticia Bica

Arsenic et Vieilles Dentelles (A&VD) is a Belgium-based lingerie brand established in 2013.  Its concept is one that we love at Faire Frou Frou and in that it "likes to imagine that the Lingerie is more than a clothing, it's a second skin, it's a real fashion accessory which acts as a beauty product with which women can compose, can have fun, express their personality and being able to reveal their own sensuality."  The designer behind the brand is Laure Hurlet, who utilizes her family workshop in Belgium creating all natural fabric pieces.  The collection featured here is called "Eat Your Little Pea" and features simple, yet provocative designs (each named after a pea, such as Mushy Pea Garter, Split Pea Thong, Black-Eyed Pea Bra, etc.).  You can learn more about A&VD by visiting their online boutique

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