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Monday, April 21

A Gem in the Lingerie World

We thought we would do a special post on this gorgeous Carine Gilson chemise that was just added to our online store. This piece deserves special mention, as does anything by the talented Ms. Gilson!
For those of you who do not know the brand, Carine Gilson (aka C. Gilson) creates delicates that are handmade in Belgium with the utmost attention to detail; from intricately hand-stitched lace to custom hand-dyed colors. Meticulous care has been taken with regard to the quality, charm and femininity of this line of lingerie.
Whether you wish to wear the Isabel chemise (shown) as outerwear, evening wear or simply gaze adoringly at it as it hangs on your wardrobe door, you're sure to be pleased either way.

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Kelly said...

That chemise is *gorgeous*