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Thursday, April 24

Skin Lingerie; Eco-Friendly

In celebration of Earth Day (or Earth Week as they are promoting on NBC), we wanted to post a story on one of our eco-friendly designers Skin Lingerie. Skin is a luxury loungewear line which offers pieces made from 100% organic pima cotton, organic terry cloth and uses 100% organic vegetable dyes for coloring some of its pieces.
We know that 'organic' is a popular buzz word these days, but a lot of people aren't exactly sure what this entails when they purchase a clothing labeled organic. Basically, organic agriculture is a cleaner approach to farming in which farmers use biologically-based rather than chemically-dependent growing systems to raise crops. An interesting fact to note is that each T-shirt made from one hundred percent organic cotton saves one-third of a pound of synthetic fertilizers and farm chemicals! (Source:
Supporting environmentally responsible brands such as Skin is just one of those little steps you can take to protect our beautiful planet! Who knew that you can buy sexy lingerie and save the world all in one shot!

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