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Monday, April 21

Deserving of Special Mention

Every now and then we bring something practical to Faire Frou Frou, because there are simply those occasions which require bras/panties that offer special support & functionality.
In the first of a series of posts about the more practical side of things here at Faire Frou Frou, our first mention goes to one of our best-selling accessories: the "Bring It Up" Smooth and Lift Nipple Covers. We first brought this item in as an experiment to see how customers would respond, and it is overwhelmingly clear that you like this product!
Basically, the Smooth & Lift Nipple Covers are a step-up in functionality from something like the tried & true Low Beams (which simply turns your 'high beams' into 'low beams'). The Smooth & Lift does exactly what it says - it smooths (giving you 'low beams') and also gives you a little perkiness with a subtle lift. This 100% silicon product gives a totally smooth and uplifted look under clothes. The covers are lightly lined with softness not stickiness in the center for maximum nipple coverage and no show-through under form fitting clothing. The great part is that they are reusable and can be worn twenty-five or more times!
For only $29 a pair, these one-size fits most covers have been quite a hit! You will certainly need these for a backless dress, halter neck or strapless outfits - it's a much lighter alternative to wearing a corset!

Our next post will feature an accessory that basically gives you a breast lift, without a bra, and without the surgery! Oh joy!

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