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Tuesday, April 29

Daily Candy post!

We were so pleased to receive another mention on Daily Candy, and this time it is for their Mother's Day shopping guide. They chose exactly what we would recommend for a perfect Mother's Day gift; the Sofia Robe!
This is the perfect line for moms young & old - it's comfy, stylish, sweet and feminine!

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EvesApples said...

Daily Candy is such a great site!

I'm back from London and have to tell you that I still think Faire Frou Frou is the cutest lingerie boutique out there! You've made me set the bar really high!

I missed Faire Frou Frou so much that add you to a blog on Icing on the Cake: Lingerie Accessories ~ Part 5: Necklaces. You can find it on the home page at http://www.evesapples.blogspot.com/

Thanks for being so fabulous! Hope you're well!