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Tuesday, April 22

Bra Size Calculator

Rosamosario bra and panty set

We are constantly measuring our customers in order to determine their 'correct' bra size, but sometimes get frustrated that the size on their measurement does not come close to matching what actually fits. That being said, we're constantly looking for the best bra size calculation.
If you have visited our boutique, odds are that you have seen our method of measurement. But just recently we found a 'bra size calculator' online that will do the math for you AND determine your size in US, UK and European sizing!
Many of you are already aware of the difference in sizing between the US and UK bras, and this website actually provides an International Bra Size Conversion!
You can determine your measurements in the comfort of your own home...calculate your size now!

We just did our own measurement and got a slightly different measurement than what we normally wear... Actually, we did the calculator twice, and got 2 different measurements. Probably because we were inhaling on one take and exhaling on another!

Keep in mind that there is no definitive way to calculate your bra size, and our best advice is to keep an open mind and try on various sizes to see which brand/cut works best for you!

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