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Monday, October 20

Pretty Bustier

model Freja Beha (photo credit unknown...please let us know who shot this!)

We found this image online, and it is one of those corset/bustier looks that we would wear/recommend as outerwear. We hate to say it, but we are not fans of the 'wearing a bustier with jeans''s a bit dated. Nonetheless, we do like when an amazing bustier is styled with some chic accessories to make a killer outfit. In fact, one of our next posts will feature a few pieces from the queen of corsetry, Cadolle. We just received a few pieces from Cadolle and can't wait to share them with you! A bustier or corset might not always work as outerwear, but it always works in the bedroom!

1 fabulous comments:

fashion herald said...

agreed, not with jeans, but a lovely bustier!