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Thursday, October 9

Look Slim, Look Stylish

About a month ago we introduced Spanx to our boutique - women, both curvy and not so curvy, were wanting them. Now that we have them, we can't understand how we went so long without them!
Of course we all know about the control top panties and bodysuits, but we wanted to focus this post on their hosiery. The style we're most excited about is the new "Under the Heel" tights. These tights are too darn cute - you can wear them under your heel (as shown), or simply at your ankle like a pair of leggings. We love having the option - though we are loving the under the heel look most. Of course these tights wouldn't be Spanx without the figure-slimming tummy & rear support.
Another Fall favorite are the patterned tights, again with the "tight-end" support. We brought in the chevron pattern tights in black - we can't wait until the weather cools down so that we can wear them! It's refreshing to see a product that is just as stylish as it is functional. And speaking of functional, check out the multi-function Reversible Tights. We don't know if this is a new concept or not, but these tights are black on one side and either brown, navy or gray on the other - genius!
Do your legs (and tummy & bottom!) a favor and buy them a stylish pair of Spanx today!
And just a little insider scoop for you...Spanx is launching its new "Haute Contour" line in early 2009. Basically it's the Spanx technology and shapes with much prettier silhouettes that are worthy of showing (ie: a little lace or satin trim, feminine details). We will tell you more about these items when they hit stores in January 2009.

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