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Wednesday, October 1

Letters of Marque - New for Fall

We are excited to introduce a new line to our boutique - Letters of Marque (pronounced 'mark'). Founded in 2007, Letters of Marque features romantic 17th-Century inspired loungewear pieces that are woven from fine cotton and silk, and trimmed with leavers lace.
The brand currently offers designs in 2 groups; Muse and Noir. For the Muse group, most of the pieces come in a soft cotton voile with English leavers lace trim. For the Noir group, many of the items have French Chantilly lace trim and are made from cotton silk or washed silk charmeuse.
What is interesting is that the brand's designer, actress Stacey Dash (she was one of the main girlfriends in the movie & TV show Clueless) was inspired to create this line upon discovering that one of her ancestors was a Dutch pirate. Her pieces evoke the look of an era when European pirates ruled the seas, but the collections are re-interpreted with a fresh, modern touch.
The collection is now available to purchase!

1 fabulous comments:

Villa Anna said...

Oh I am smitten with the Muse line. It is totally adorable, especially those 3/4 pants!

Anna :)