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Monday, October 6

Giorgio Gatti; Lingerie & Photography

In today's post we're featuring the photography of Giorgio Z Gatti. Gatti is an Italian-born photographer who made a career in professional photography in Madrid and Milan, and pretty much everywhere in between! He has shot numerous editorial and advertising campaigns, including work with La Perla.
We found a few beautiful photos including tasteful lingerie. We had to share!

3 fabulous comments:

the Preppy Princess said...

What a lovely post - the photos are simply stunning, especially the ones of the little girl helping Mom!

BTW, we are madly in love with the fifi chachnil gloves.


hello gorgeous said...

God, I long for the days before children when I could buy La Perla...


This is a part of the industry that I'm discovering in my own work. I love the contrast between sexy and strong.